In 2020, New Harvest welcomed 13 new grantees to our research community, bringing our total number of current researchers to 26. We were able to DOUBLE our research program — in a pandemic no less — thanks to the generous support of New Harvest donors.

Without further ado…meet New Harvest’s 2020 cohort of cell ag pioneers!


Morgan Ziegelski is a Science Communications Intern at New Harvest. A second-year chemical engineering major at Georgia Tech passionate about cell ag, she’s the new voice of the New Harvest Instagram and TikTok.

How did you get interested in cell ag?

It started my senior year of high school; I was taking an independent study class and I wanted to do something with biochemical engineering. We had to do a final project and I had absolutely no idea what to do, so I reached out to one of my friends who was a biology major in college and was asking…

Andrew Stout is a New Harvest Research Fellow at Tufts University researching how to nutritionally engineer cultured meat products and bioprocesses. In this episode, Alex interviews Andrew about his experience working in Dr. Mark Post’s lab the summer of the famous cell-cultured hamburger tasting and whether cultivated meat could be engineered to reduce the carcinogenicity of red meat. Transcript is below.

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Alex (00:04):

Thanks for joining us on the Cultured Meat and Future Food podcast. This episode is part of the New Harvest Fellowship series. We’re excited…

We are excited to partner with the Cultured Meat and Future Food podcast for a multi-part series highlighting the research being conducted by New Harvest research fellows.

In this episode, Alex Shirazi interviews New Harvest Fellow Sam Peabody about how to keep cultured meat safe from food-borne pathogens. Transcript is below.


Alex (00:00):

Thanks for joining us on the Cultured Meat and Future Food show. We’re excited to announce the New Harvest Fellowship series. Established in 2004, New Harvest is the non-profit research institution building the field of cellular agriculture. We’re partnering with New Harvest for a multi-part series on the…

Every Tuesday and Thursday for the month of June, New Harvest will be live-tweeting cultured meat webinars hosted by the Cellular Agriculture Online Symposium.

When New Harvest canceled our 2020 conference due to COVID19, many in the cell ag community felt the loss of opportunities to reconnect and share their scientific findings. To fill that gap, New Harvest is partnering with Frea Mehta of LMU Munich and Tobias Messmer of Mosa Meat to organize the first Cellular Agriculture Online Symposium (CAOS 2020): a series of online open-access talks by cell ag scientists in both industry and academia, with news and introductions shared in a Slack of almost 300 members.

Three New Harvest Fellows-Andrew Stout, Stephanie Kawecki, and Sam Peabody-as well as one New Harvest…

After almost three years on the New Harvest team, Kate is moving on from her role as Research Director to start Helikon Consulting. Kate will be filling a gap in the for-profit side of cellular agriculture, doing technical consulting and talent scouting in alternative proteins and cell-based meat.

Reflections from Isha

From the very beginning, I knew that I wanted New Harvest to do science. When I became Executive Director, however, there was very little money in the bank. I spent long hours wondering how to rub our grassroots-donated nickels together to make real change in the world.

Two years in, after leveraging…

We are excited to partner with the Cultured Meat and Future Food podcast for a multi-part series highlighting the research being conducted by New Harvest research fellows.

In the inaugural episode, New Harvest Fellow Natalie Rubio talks lab-grown meat, insect cell culture (which she has coined entomoculture), and how the Kaplan Lab became a hub for cultured meat research. Transcript is below.


Alex (01:09):

Natalie, I’m excited to welcome you to the Cultured Meat and Future Food show.

Natalie (01:13):

Thanks Alex, I’m excited to be here!

Alex (01:14):

Natalie, tell us a little bit about yourself, your background, and what projects you’re working on.

Natalie (01:20):

Alexis Garrett is a New Harvest Research Fellow developing scaffolds for cultured meat at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Alexis joined the program this Spring, and her application stood out because of her engineering background. New Harvest fellows skew biology-heavy in their expertise, so we welcomed the opportunity to add diversity of thought and interdisciplinary collaboration to our fellowship program.

How did you become interested in cellular agriculture?

It was a long road, I went through my undergrad as mechanical engineering major. I enjoyed what I did, but I was always looking for something that really excited me and would have a significant impact. In my searches for something to do after I graduated, I heard of cellular agriculture. One of my advisors was excited about 3D printing a steak, so we sat down and had some talks. I got to interview a lot of people in the food industry and within food startups. I liked the idea, but what…

Cell-based pet food might be the underdog of lab-grown meat, but Bond Pet Foods and Because Animals say the chances of scientific success and consumer acceptance increase when the stakes are lowered.

by Donavyn Coffey

Rich Kelleman’s path to animal-free pet food started at Burger King, of all places. The now-CEO of Bond Pet Foods was an advertising exec helping the fast food giant revamp their brand, when he began to see problems in the meat supply chain. The experience inspired his transition to a vegan diet. …

by Yuki Hanyu of the Shojinmeat Project

The presentation and slides were originally produced by Shojinmeat Project for New Harvest 2020.

A note from Yuki:

These slides were originally prepared for New Harvest 2020, which unfortunately got cancelled due to Covid-19.The main agenda of NH2020 was “Elephant in the Room” — problems that are obvious, yet few want to talk about.

One of the such agenda has been the future of farmers in the age of cellular agriculture.

While I’m also uploading a talk video, this blog post in the style of a talk script hopefully delivers in situations where video can’t.

New Harvest

The 501(c)(3) research institute accelerating breakthroughs in #cellularagriculture to reinvent the way we make animal products - without animals.

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